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Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Azores is an archipelago composed of nine fantastic volcanic islands (São Miguel, Terceira, Pico, Flores, Corvo, Santa Maria, Graciosa, Faial and São Jorge). This is the most western archipelago in Europe. Sculpted by volcanoes over thousands of years, Azores have geological formations that include waterfalls, lava tunnels, crater lakes and hot springs. The volcanic peaks offer spectacular views, being Ponta do Pico the highest place in Portugal, with 2351 meters of height.


Situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in the migratory route of many birds, here we can see thousands of birds in their rest, nesting and breeding. The sky of the Azores becomes full of colors and life every year thanks to the great diversity of birds that live there, just as the ocean is also full of life. It accommodates several species of cetaceans, being the most common ones sperm whales, baleen and dolphins. We can´t forget the exorbitant amount of cows that reside the islands and give the characteristic touch to their landscapes.


There are many common traces in their gastronomy, like the fish and seafood known for their freshness, the sweets and also the magnificent beef of Azores. São Jorge cheese is a tradition of multiple and tasty dairy products. One of the specialties made in Azores is the Cozido das Furnas, where a pan with different meats and vegetables is buried in the geometric soil.

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