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It is in the great granite and schist ranges that one of the highest altitudes of Portugal is found, with 1993 meters. The well-known Serra da Estrela is not only a mountain, but also the region itself.


We can explore more than 300 km of fantastic trails and springs of the largest Portuguese rivers, lagoons and natural pools, to know the glacier valleys shaped 20,000 years ago by the ice and even the most fascinating species of birds that inhabit here.


From January to March it snows more frequently and intensely, which is great for those who like to play snow sports. From May to September, temperatures are milder, making it excellent for outdoor walks or even a visit to the river beaches. Here you can choose what suits you better, either you want to meditate in the silence of the mountain or to live an adventure with extreme sports. Serra da Estrela offers everything!


The secret of the gastronomy is in the excellence of the serranos products, that the mountains offer. The famous Queijo da Serra, the wines, olive oils, fruits, sausages and breads enrich the tables of this region. 

Nothing like going to the therapeutic lagoons that exist here, such as Lapa dos Dinheiros, to see the transparent and crystalline waters reflecting the green tone of the landscapes around them.


Here we find several cascades of all sizes. Being one of the most well known, Poço do Inferno, where the sound of water falls from more than 10 meters hight, becoming a kind of therapeutic music.


The largest mountain range in Portugal makes us feel tiny facing the immensity of its imposing valleys.


Loose yourself among valleys and green mountains where we find simply his intensive silence.

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