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South of Ericeira a real natural bike park waits for us.

The bike trails south of Ericeira are one of the highlights around here: Catchy sand stone turns the area near Rio Lizandro into a natural bike park!

Fun rides and challanging trails with best ocean view are guaranteed to beginners and experts!

When the trails become more sandy, we leave the coast and hit into the bushes.

Between old wind mills and fergotten villages the trail becomes more challenging now. Steep gravel roads and technical single trails lead us down to the Lizando valley.

By a reason the trail along the river is known as “Amazonas Trail”: The dense and shady river valley is the perfect way to round up this day.

  •  Foz do Lizandro river delta
  • Aldeia da Broa
  •   Lizando River Valley
  • Cliff ride to Sao Juliao

The uphill from the ocean to the wind mills is challenging, but it’s the only long uphill of the day. Safe cycling and a a good base fitness is enough to do this ride. All technically sections can be skipped, so that this tour becomes a real tour for everyone.


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