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  /  Portuguese Route of Caminhos of Santiago (Short version)

Portuguese Route of Caminhos of Santiago (Short version)

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 Hiking in North Portugal

The “Old Portuguese Spiritual Route of the Caminhos of Santiago”

This beautiful route is characterized by much of the route is a coastal path. Between the Atlantic, the Minho River and some of its estuaries in Galician lands, we will know its people and some of its deep traditions. We will meet and sleep in secular convents and hotels that are symbols of an entire region. We will pass through places of great natural beauty and others of great historical importance.

These are our Camiños of Santiago and we invite you to join us on this journey of reunion and spirituality.


8 days / 7 nights

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Hiking tours with private  transfers, local guide and hotel accommodation.


Anyone in good health, able to take walks of about 4 hours at 500 km per day.
The program can be adapted depending on the level of preparation.


From April to November


PROGRAM – Hiking in North Portugal

1th day : arrival in Vigo
2th day : Through the Wood of the Great Plateau
3th day :The Hills, the Oysters and the Historical Bridge

4th day :The Path of the Spiritual Monasteries

5th day :The Route of the Stone and the Water

6th day :By Estuary and By the River

7th day : The “Obradoiro” Square

8th day: Farewell Day

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Possible every day

with 6 participants

For less than 6 people the price is given on request. The price per person of this program implies a minimum number of 6 participants, so in case this number is not reached, Lifextreme reserves the right to suspend the program in question, returning all the money that each participant has already paid.

The trekking trip to the Camiños of Santiago can be organized for private groups of 2 or more people.
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 24.04.21 – 30.04.21*
25.10.21 – 31.10.21*

*For other dates, the booking is on request

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For those who do not have 12 days, we have prepared a shorter 7-day program of our Caminhos de Santiago.

There are many pilgrimage routes to Santiago, but none is more significant and moving than the Old Portuguese Spiritual Way of the Way of Santiago “.

According to John Brierley, author of the bestseller “A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Portuguese Way”, walking the Portuguese Way is time travel as you advance into a new era of renewal and spiritual awakening. Although rooted in its pagan, Roman and Christian history, the Portuguese Camino is open to everyone, from any religion, or none “.

Welcome to our Camino de Santiago.


  • All overnight stays within the program.
  • All transports within in the program, including the boat tour.
  • The daily transport of personal luggage up to a maximum weight of 20 kg per participant.
  • Dinner on the 7th.
  • Regarding breakfasts, given the current limitations due to the pandemic of COVID19, it is not possible to know in advance which hotels include breakfast. In cases where it will not be possible there are always good alternatives close to the hotels where we will be staying.
  • 1 guide.
  • All activities included in the program.
  • Personal Accident And Civil Liability Insurance in accordance with legal requirements.

On request you can add or remove services from those indicated


Not inclued

  • The costs of transportation to Vigo and Porto to the destination of origin.
  • In addition to the cases where hotels serve breakfast and dinner on the 7th, no meals are included. The guide will ensure that there are always places where picnics can be purchased. In some cases there is the possibility of being able to have lunch along the way which will be properly informed by the guide.



  • Given the current limitations due to the COVID19 pandemic, we cannot inform us in advance which hotels we will stay in, however we guarantee a minimum level of 3 stars or similar, with the facilities accordingly.


Prices to be communicated

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      Tour Plan

      Day 1- arrival in Vigo
      This is the day when our journey begins, with the trip to Vigo, the largest city in Galicia, which owes its origin as well as all its growth thanks to its port, one of the most important in the world in terms of fish unloading. This is where we sleep the first night.
      Day 2-Through the Wood of the Great Plateau
      The first part of this 6th day of hiking is by the most coastal part of Vigo, after which we will start to climb, further inland, towards a plateau where we will do much of the way. Once we have reached these highlands, the beautiful view extends throughout the city of Vigo, as well as to the other bank of the great Estuary of Vigo and, to our left, beyond, the entrance of the channel we crossed in the previous day. About 2 hours after we are walking on this great plateau we will enter a nice wood from which we will only leave when we begin to descend to our goal of the day, the coastal village of Redondela, created in the middle of the 13th century. Until then we will pass through some small villages. The overnight stay will be again in Vigo, where our travelers, given this is not a long leg, will have time to get to know this city a little better with a long and full history that began around the 2nd century BC. DETAILS Beginning of the Activities: Between 8:00 am and 8:30 am Meals Included: Breakfast and the picnic lunch Duration of the Hike: 5 hours Difficulty: Dificuldade (Easy)  
      Day 3-The Hills, the Oysters and the Historical Bridge
      On this 7th day, we resume the path where we finished the day before, in the village of Redondela, where several personalities were seduced by its charm, among them the poet Federico García Lorca, famous Spanish poet and playwright, one of the first victims of the Spanish civil war. From here the path goes up and near the top of the hill begins a wood where we will continue for about 3 km until we reach Arcade, a town famous for the quality of its oysters. However, Arcade is also known for its beautiful medieval bridge which full of symbolism, because it was here that the French were defeated in a battle that marked their retreat in the Spanish War of Independence. From here the path repeats itself, as we have a new hill to go up and near the top of it we enter and leave several small forest corridors almost until our destination of the day, the beautiful city of Pontevedra. It is here that we will spend the night in a beautiful hotel located right in the historic center and inside an old Renaissance palace from the 16th century. After dinner at the hotel, we propose a walk through the streets of the historic center, which can be proud to be one of the most beautiful and well preserved in all Galicia.
      Beginning of the Activities: Between 8:00 am and 8:30 am Meals Included: Breakfast and the picnic lunch Duration of the Hike: 7 hours Difficulty: Caminõs Santiago (Moderate)
      Day 4-The Path of the Spiritual Monasteries
      The day starts with a visit to the historic Gate of the Pilgrim, built-in 1778, is one of the most symbolic of the city, being also the sanctuary of the Pilgrim Madonna. After this visit, we will start this stage which will take us to two of the more emblematic monasteries of this great spiritual route to Santiago of Compostela, and it will be in one of them where we will sleep this night. At the exit of the city, we cross the Burgo bridge, also with a rich history. Of Roman origin, it was in it that the Kings Fernando II of Leon and Galicia and Afonso Henriques of Portugal signed a treaty of peace. About 2 and half hours later we will arrive at the Monastery of Poio, dated from the 7th   century, reached its apogee in the middle of the 16th century with the creation of a college of theology in it. Throughout the centuries had several restorations, having been in the 17th century, with the construction of the church that assumed the present form. It is one of the most important places for the pilgrims, having a mosaic with 200 square meters representing the way to Santiago. About 3 km away we will start climbing the mountain that will take us to our destination, the austere and reserved Convent of Armenteira. It will be in this highly spiritual place that invites to introspection and meditation, that we will dine and sleep. An intimate experience of reunion and surely one of the highlights of the whole journey.

      DETAILS Beginning of the Activities: Between 8:00 am and 8:30 am Meals Included: Breakfast, picnic lunch, and the dinner Duration of the Hike: 7 hours Difficulty: Caminõs Santiago (Moderate)
      Day 5-The Route of the Stone and the Water
      After spending the night in the quite Armenteira Convent we will start the ninth day of hiking. The first part of the path is made inside a beautiful forest. Always accompanied by the crystalline waters of a beautiful stream and its granite stones, we continue until we reach a village whose life is represented by statues in stone. About 3 hours later we will arrive at the village of Cambados, Capital of Alvarinho, one of the best white wines (in Portugal is known as Green Wine) in the world and that was European Wine City in 2017. Although its origin is late when compared with other towns in the region, since it was born in the 16th century, Cambados is an authentic outdoor museum carved in granite, as it is home to one of the most well-preserved historical sites in Galicia. It will be here that we stay in an elegant mansion with the traditional traces of the old and tradition “Sunny Houses of Galicia”. As this stage is one of the shortest, our travelers will have time to enjoy this beautiful village.

      DETAILS Beginning of the Activities: Between 8:00 am and 8:30 am Meals Included: The Breakfast Duration of the Hike: 4 hours Difficulty: Dificuldade (Easy)
      Day 6- By Estuary and By the River
      This day begins with a long and nice boat ride. First, by the estuary of Arousa, one of several that make up the great complex of the “Rias Baixas” (Low Estuaries) of Galicia and which is not only the largest estuary in Galicia but also in Spain. It is famous for its rich marine fauna and its beaches and islets. Then we enter the Ulla River, which rises 640 meters high and separates the province of A Coruña from Pontevedra. It is one of the largest rivers in the region, and its watershed is the second most important of all of Galicia, the first is the one of Minho River that we crossed on the 2nd day of our adventure. The recreation of a Viking boat at the mouth of the river is another attraction of this river/sea ride. It remains to be said that this is the only maritime Via Sacra in the world, just as it was through it that the remains of the Apostle Saint James were transported. After this tour, which saves us more than 30km of the road, we begin our walk. Afterward passing through several villages we arrive at our destination, the village of Parada de Francos and it will be in the “Casa Grande de Cornide” that we will spend the night, a very pleasant spot and where our travelers will find all the conditions for a deserved rest and a nice dinner.  
      DETAILS Beginning of the Activities: Between 8:00 am and 8:30 am Meals Included: Breakfast, picnic lunch, and the dinner Duration of the Hike: 5 hours Difficulty: Dificuldade (Easy)
      Day 7 - The “Obradoiro” Square
      This is the 11th day of our journey and is the one where we arrive at our final destination, the monumental Obradoiro Square, in Santiago of Compostela. Before, however, we still have the last 14 km to be done. Nothing is really relevant in this last section except, when just over 4 km from our goal, we see the huge towers of the cathedral. About 4 hours after we started this last walk, we arrived at the impressive Obradoiro Square. This is a time to “drink” everything that surrounds us, because rare are the places where we can feel so much magnificence simultaneously with the greatness of the secular buildings that surround us. The current Romanesque Cathedral, flanked by two columns with 74 meters high invites to contemplation. This square has the capacity to condense the customs and the millenarian history of the city. A 360-degree turn allows us to recognize the presence of different architectural styles, which have arisen in more than 700 years. The monumental buildings that surround it are representatives of the main centers of life in the Galician capital: religion, university education, attention to the pilgrim and the Administration. After this moment, we will settle in the magnificent Museum Hotel San Francisco. This former Franciscan convent is the perfect place for our travelers to spend their last night. The afternoon is free. The reunion will be at the end of the day where we will have our farewell dinner.
      DETAILS Beginning of the Activities: Between 8:00 am and 8:30 am Meals Included: Breakfast and the dinner Duration of the Hike: 5 hours Difficulty: Dificuldade (Easy)
      Day 9 - Farewell Day
      On this last day in Santiago de Compostela, during the morning we will have time to know more calmly what there is to see, as well as obtain the pilgrim's certificates. Today is goodbye day as we travel by train to Lisbon. Behind there are 9 days in which we cover about 100 km, but also 2000 years of history. We also know a little more about the ancestral culture of Galicia, about the people who have passed through it, its mark on these people, but also the weight that the Catholic religion has in these latitudes, as well as the strength of the faith that moves and guides a entire people from Roman times to the present day. We also understand the enormous importance that the "Rias Baixas" have in the life and economy of the entire region. Finally, we were able to better understand the soul of these proud people and their attachment to their faith and traditions, much like that of their neighbors in Minho.
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