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Trip to Portugal
Trekking Azores: Flores and Crow, the pearls of the Atlantic

Viaggio Trekking Azzorre - Flores e Corvo

A trekking tour in the Azores: discovery of the islands of Flores and Corvo, in the midst of an almost untouched lush nature, imposing cliffs and volcanic calderas.


5night/6 days
On request it is possible to extend or shorten the program of the trekking  in the Azores.
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Trekking tours with private transport transfers, local guide and hotel accommodation.
Ability to add more outdoor activities or visits to the Azores.


Anyone in good health, able to face walks of about 4 hours, and 500 km per day.
The program can be tailored depending on your level of preparation.


From April to October


Viaggio in Portogallo: Tour Trekking Azzorre


  • A trekking tour to discover the Azores Islands, a pristine paradise in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, an unparalleled scenario for hiking!
  • Excursions between impressive cliffs and verdant hills, in the company of an expert local hiking guide.
  • The island of Flores, full of waterways and lakes, to immerse yourself in a lush and unspoiled nature.
  • Crow, the smallest island of the archipelago: un ancient extinct volcano
  • Ability to tailor the trekking schedule to the Azores with other activities or visits.

Tour trekking Isole Azzorre: Corvo e Flores


1th day : Lisbon – San Miguel Island – Flores Island
2th day : Ponta da Fajã Grande – Falls – Maria Vaz Island – Albarnaz Headland – Western Shore
3th day : Boat trip – Corvo Island: Volcanic Caldera – Return to Santa Cruz das Flores
4th day : The highlands of the 4 lagoons – Morro Alto – Poço do Baccalhau – fajã ocean pool
5th day : Ponta Ruiva – Santa Cruz Ocean Pools
6th day : Departure from Flores

Contact us to receive the detailed schedule of the trekking trip to the Azores Islands.
On request the trekking trip schedule in Flores and Crow can be extended depending on your preferences.

Viaggio Trekking Isole Azzorre


Possible every day with 6 participants

The trekking trip to the Azores Islands can be organized for private groups of 2 or more people.
Contact us to receive a personalized quote.


11/04/2021; 28/09/2021;

For pre-established or accompanying groups (hiking guides, mountain guides, etc.) we can organize the trip with itinerary and bespoke services.
Contact us to receive a personalized quote.


  • All transports included in the programme
  • Accommodation in rural houses, double room with breakfast included in Cuada village tourism
  • Picnic lunch
  • 1 guide
  • All activities included in the program
  • Personal Accident and Civil Liability Insurance in accordance with legal requirements

For less than 6 people the price is given on request.
Prices already include the vat rate in force.
The price per person of this program implies a minimum number of 6 participants, if this number is not reached, Lifextreme reserves the right to suspend the program in question, returning all the money that each participant has already paid.



Santa Cruz das Flores – ALDEIA DA CUADA

Contact us for more information.


  • Costs relating to airline tickets, airport charges, as well as dinners and any other costs not included in this program.
  • Meals not included in the detailed itinerary and all drinks except tea and coffees for breakfasts included
  • Optional activities and extra services
  • Tips, phone calls, and personal extras
  • Clothing and personal medicines

Anything not included in the “Included” entry


  • Single apartment
  • Accommodation in top-tier hotels
  • Tour extension

Prices to be communicated

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      Tour Plan

      Day 1- Welcome Day - Lisbona - Isola San Miguel - Isola di Flores
        On this first day of arrival, our hikers will meet some inhabitants of Flores Island on the way to the accommodation of Aldeia da Cuada Before dinner, we will have a brief summary in which we will make a presentation of the island, the paths where we will go, give some advice and answer any questions that our hikers may have. Dinner will be freely chosen by the participants, the accommodation is in the center of Ilha das Flores, from which you can move freely on foot.   Details Start of activities: depending on the flight arrival time. Duration: 30 minutes from the airport to Aldeia da Cuada accommodation
      Day 2- Ponta da Fajã Grande - Waterfalls - Maria Vaz Islet - Albarnaz Promontory - The dramatic western coast
        This second day of hiking begins in the small village of Ponta da Fajã. After a spectacular path on the cliff near the sea. We started a long and beautiful climb, almost always in a corridor within dense vegetation. At the top of the cliff there is a flatter terrain, where we will cross several streams. After a few small valleys, dominated by cedars, bloods and many gardens that give a particular color all the way, in addition to many coves with beautiful waterfalls, we will reach the last part of our path. This is an area dominated by meadows surrounded by the traditional stone walls of this region. It is also here where the views are most spectacular, in addition to the formidable coast we can see the great island of Maria Vaz, as well as the Promontório de Albarnaz, a great lighthouse that radiates light and guides sailors for over 80 years. Shortly before returning to the hotel, we will pass by another spectacular panoramic point and a river known for the strength of its waters. Dinner as always will be free and description of participants
      Beginning of activities: 09:00 Duration: 4 hours Difficulty: Moderate
      Day 3- Boat trip - Corvo Island - Interpretation Center - Volcanic Caldera - Vila Santa Cruz das Flores
      The day will start with a boat trip along the coast of Flores Island. After this magnificent tour, we will continue on Corvo Island, the smallest island in the entire archipelago, but perhaps it is the most beautiful volcanic caldera in the Azores and one of the most beautiful in the world. In this journey of about 1 hour, in addition to several sea birds, we can be lucky to see groups of dolphins, flying fish or even whales. The approach to the island is magnificent and, after the stop, we will visit the Interpretation Center in the small village of Corvo, the only village on the island, where we will understand a little better not only the topography of the island, but other curiosities. Then, we will continue by car to the great volcanic caldera where we will start our tour. A breathtaking landscape awaits us, and it will be inside the Caldeira where we will have lunch. Taking advantage of the fact that we are in the village of Santa Cruz das Flores (the main village on the island of Flores), this is where we will have dinner, in a local family restaurant with simple decor, and with tasting of homemade food. This long day will end, like all others, Aldeia da Cuada, for a well-deserved rest. Note: this tour always depends on the climate and sea conditions, so the date can be changed.
      Beginning of activities: 08:30 Tour duration: 3 hours Difficulty: Easy
      Day 4- The plateau of the 4 lagoons (Lagoa Funda - Lagoa Comprida - Lagoa Seca - Lagoa Branca and Bird Watching) - Il Morro Alto - and the ocean pool of Poço do Baccalhau - Fajã
      • This fourth day begins on the central plateau of the island, which is about 750 meters high. This is perhaps the most diverse trail of all that we have done and will do, as we will pass through different ecosystems, all very different. Our tour starts at Lagoa Funda, which deserves its name because, with its 130 meters, it is the deepest of the entire archipelago. The next ones are Lagoa Longa and Lagoa Seca. We proceeded to the last of the lagoons, the Branca, which is an important area for migratory birds and, for this reason, the first bird watching structure in the entire archipelago that we visited was installed. Finally, we will start going up Morro Alto (911mt), from where we will be able to enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding deep valleys: the forests of Criptoméria on our right and the villages of Fajã Grande and Fajãzinha, At sea level, there are several ruins of old water mills, some from the 19th century and in front of us, we find the waterfall of Poço do Bacalhau. With about 90m height, its crystal clear waters of a small lake where our walkers can swim before or after the picnic that we are going to do here. The rest of the afternoon will be spent in the oceanic pool of Fajã Grande, 10 minutes walk from Poço do Bacalhau.
        Beginning of activities: 09: 00h Tour duration: 4 hours Difficulty: Moderate
      Day 5-Ponta Ruiva - Santa Cruz Ocean Pools
      The last day of excursions on the island of Flores will start from a huge promontory on the northeast coast of the island, where the village of Ponta Ruiva is located. After some descents and climbs of great beauty, we will begin to descend towards the sea on an old path used by the local populations, until we reach a bay from which we can see several islands where the waves break violently. From here, after a few small paths, we will follow a levada (artificial water channel used to transport the waters of the highways), still in full operation and vital for the sustainability of this entire region of small farmers. Together with this water channel, we will move from an agricultural region to a dense wooded area. The oceanic pools in the village of Santa Cruz will be our next target, where we will enjoy these natural pools for the first time. After returning to the hotel and taking a refreshing shower, participants will be free to enjoy their last dinner in this paradise.
      Beginning of activities: 8:30 am Tour duration: 4 hours Difficulty: Moderate
      Day 6 - The Farewell Day
        Today is farewell day. After the last breakfast, our walkers will be transported to the airport. Behind, there are landscapes of great natural beauty, some unique and tenacious people, but genuine and gentle, who have led a difficult life on these inhospitable islands since ancient times, dating back to the 16th century, as well as their culture and customs.
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