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Trekking in Portugal
The Trails of Serra Da Estrela Nature Park

Viaggio in Portogallo - Trekking Parco Serra da Estrela

A trekking tour in Portugal to discover the highest mountain in the country, joining the spectacular view, with visit to local communities that still live in a traditional way.


5 days / 4 nights
On request you can extend or shorten the program of the trekking trip to Portugal.


Trekking tours with private transfer, local guide and stays at the Penhas da Saúde Youth Hostel.
Ability to add more outdoor activities or visits to Portugal.


Anyone in good health and with a spirit of adaptation.


April to November

Trekking in Portogallo - Tour Serra da Estrela


Possible every day
With 4 participants

The trekking trip to Serra da Estrela is suitable for private groups of 2 or more people.

For pre-established groups we can organize the trip with itinerary and personalized services (hiking guides, mountain guides, etc.).

Contact us to receive a personalized information.




3/05/2021;  31/05/2021;  28/06/2021;  12/07/2021;  26/07/2021;  09/08/2021;  23/08/2021;  06/09/2021;  20/09/2021;  25/10/2021;  08/11/2021;


  • A unique and original naturalist itinerary to experience a trekking trip through the largest and highest National Park in Portugal
  • A right mix of sport and culture, with visits to ancient villages along timeless paths characterized by unique flora and fauna
  • Climbing the spectacular Loriga valley
  • Excursions to discover the Zêzere glacier and reach a splendid lagoon formed by melting ice


Portogallo: viaggio trekking Parco Naturale Serra da Estrela


1th day : Arrival in Lisbon, transfer to Serra natural park from Estrela
2th Day: Loriga, excursion through the village, the Canyon and the lagoons of the same name

3th Day:Hell’s Well
4th Day: Zezere Glacier Hike
5th Day: Excursion to the Beeches Forest

Contact us to receive the detailed schedule of the Serra da Estrela tour.

Serra da Estrela - Viaggio trekking in Portogallo



  • 2 Walking Guides on days 2 and 4. 1 Walking Guide on days 3 and 5.
  • 4 days walk
  • 4 nights in a double room at Pousada da Juventude da Serra d Estrela + Breakfast
  • Picnic lunch on days 2, 3 and 4
  • Liability and Personal Accident Insurance
  • Taxi transport on the 2nd day from the end of the route to the beginning


  • Meals not included in the detailed itinerary and all drinks except you and coffees for breakfasts include
  • Tips, phone calls, and personal extras
  • Clothing and personal medicines
  • Anything not included in the “Included” entry




Serra de Estrela – Pousada da Juventude da Serra da Estrela – double room



  • Single room, subject to availability
  • Accommodation in top-tier hotels
  • Extra days of visits or treks


Serra da Estrela - Tour trekking Portogallo


  • The local guides can modify the excursions depending on the weather and your group.
  • The treks in this program are suitable for anyone in good health, fitness and with a spirit of adaptation.

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      Tour Plan

      Day 1-Arrival day
      Our journey begins with the 3.5 hour journey from Lisbon to the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, the largest and highest in all of mainland Portugal. Our hotel will be the Pousada da Juventude das Penhas da Saúde and it will be there that our hikers stay overnight for the next 4 nights.
      Day 2- The Loriga Canyon
        On our first hike on this journey we will make one of the most emblematic valleys in the entire Serra da Estrela, the Vale de Loriga. We started right in the village of Loriga. The history of this village goes back to the time of the Suevos. The Romans and later the Moors also passed through here. All these peoples left important testimonies of their passing. We continue on paths still used today by the shepherds, to reach the so-called Covões de Loriga, 4 large granite depressions, excavated by unimaginable forces from the immense glaciers which dramatically shaped the entire landscape around us. After the picnic in one of these covões, surrounded by huge granitic massifs, as well as endless views, we will continue towards the Covão do Meio dam. Built in 1953, the Covão do Meio dam in Serra da Estela, at the top of the spectacular Loriga valley, is part of a system for capturing water from the highlands and transferring them through a complex pipeline of tunnels that connect several dams each other. We are near the end of our walk, we have the last 45 minutes until we reach the road where we will return to Loriga by taxi. In this last part of the route we will be able to delight ourselves with the view of a good part of this huge glacial valley that we will be about to cross. The spectacular views will be the right reward for the effort we have all made.   Meals: PA / A / - Program Start - 9:30 Walk Duration: About 7h KM: 8.46; Altitude difference: 1.255m
      Day 3 – The Poço do Inferno
      On this second day of hiking we will visit one of the icons of Serra da Estrela, Poço do Inferno. A set of waterfalls of great beauty that end in a cascade of 10 meters and a lagoon of crystalline waters. This entire space is surrounded by large granite blocks. Before, however, we will pass through some beautiful forest corridors, which alternate with areas where large blocks of schist stone layers predominate. After this very pleasant walk we will have a picnic in a very beautiful space, where it will also be possible to bathe in the fresh, clear waters of a stream.   Program Start - 9:30 Walk Duration: About 3h Meals: PA / A / - KM: 4.88; Elev Difference: 352m
      Day 4-The Glacier Route
        With the imposing Vale do Zêzere on our shores, we followed a path to climb along low vegetation until we reached an impressive plateau, surrounded by gigantic granite walls about 400 m high. This is where the Zêzere River rises. After a steep but spectacular descent, our picnic will be 1,860 m above sea level. Here we will enjoy one of the most amazing views of these 3 days. We are in the heart of the mountain and from here we will start to descend to an area with several lagoons and our hike will end in one of them. After this tour we will go to the top of Serra da Estrela. From here we can be dazzled by the wider horizon of the whole country, where in days of good visibility our view extends to the Serra do Gato in Spain, about 200 km in a straight line to the East and to the ocean a West.   Program Start - 9:30 Walk Duration: About 5h Meals: PA / A / - KM: 6.12; Elev Difference: 572m    
      Day 5– The Route of the Beeches
      Our hike starts in front of the formidable Glacier Valley of Zêzere which offers us a breathtaking view. Following a path used by pastors, we find the guardians of the Chapel of São Lourenço, the centenary Oaks who deserved a beautiful poem by Miguel Torga. This chapel has pagan reminiscences, where sun and tree worshipers performed ceremonies on the summer solstice. This place offers us a beautiful panoramic view of the mountain range that extends to Spain. After passing a watchtower with beautiful 50's architecture, we plunged into the dense Forest of São Lourenço, a Beech Forest planted at the beginning of the century. XX by Manteigas Forestry Services. This forest of rare beauty, with its kaleidoscope of greens in spring and yellow-brown in autumn, makes us feel as if we are in an enchanted forest. The contact with pastoralism and some luck with wildlife, can happen in the last part of our tour, along with several streams where we will pass along a valley surrounded by high mountains. This will be the perfect end to our journey. Before returning to Lisbon we will rest in the same place where we were on the 3rd day. Our hikers take back in memory the highest lands in Portugal, their people and traditions.     Program Start - 9:30 Walk Duration: About 3h Meals: PA / A / - KM: 6.22; Altitude difference: 336m
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