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From Ribeira d’Ilhas beach we leave by land towards the countryside.

We quickly reach rural villages and dense woods that make us feel far from modern and lively Ericeira. Instead, we find a rich cultural landscape with green pine and eucalyptus forests, colorful fields and charming rural villages.

After a quick stop for recovery at a local bar, we return on top of the cliffs of the northern coastal trail.

To end at our starting point in Ribeira d’Ilhas.

  • Villages of Santo Isidoro and Ribamar
  • São Lourenço beach and Coxos beach
  • Ericeira North Coast Path

Broad forest roads cut the valleys, but despite of some uphills thir ride leads widely relaxed through the villages and forests around. It’s an ideal beginners tour or an e-bike tour for those who want to look behind the scenes and disvocer some more than beach life.






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