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Yoga retreat a Bali con escursioni ed immersioni

Each definition of yoga reveals part of the ocean of knowledge and experience that forms the yogic path.

The Hatha Vinyasa and Yin Yoga classes are designed for all the different levels, so you’re able to enjoy 1:30h session, according to your abilities.

Hatha Yoga classes offer you a group of poses as pranayama, meditation and relaxation.

Vinyasa Yoga classes challenge you to go into different flows and also give you a rhythm that allows you to get in touch with your cardio and empowering your strength.

Yin yoga classes have the same structure, with the difference of standing longer in each pose, giving the opportunity not only to work on deeper tissues and muscles but also to recognize inner places and improve in the asanas.

This perfect combination of styles increases strength and flexibility and reduces anxiety and stress.

The conscious connection we establish with ourselves allows us to create a joyful, blissful and fulfilling experience, reconnecting with our inner natural state.

Come over and discover the joy of this ancient practice. Taste the feeling of harmony, lightness and well being through this journey!

For less than 2 people  the price is on request.

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